My Needle Jet

#15 GET CASH! Not a Voucher pt.1

March 08, 2023 Regina L. Deneen Season 2 Episode 15
My Needle Jet
#15 GET CASH! Not a Voucher pt.1
Show Notes

In this episode, we'll discuss the practice of airlines offering vouchers instead of cash to passengers who have experienced flight disruptions, such as aircraft maintenance, cancellations, or delays.

Traditionally, airlines have offered vouchers as compensation for these inconveniences, but many passengers have found these to be less than satisfactory. Vouchers often have strict expiration dates or usage limitations, leaving passengers with limited options for redeeming them. Know YOUR RIGHTS!

RD.COM - Travel - Airlines
11 Ways to Get Cash From an Airline Instead of a Voucher
Danielle Braff/ Updated: Feb. 15, 2023

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