My Needle Jet

#23 Bonus: Commercial Aviation MADNESS

May 03, 2023 Regina L. Deneen Season 2 Episode 23
My Needle Jet
#23 Bonus: Commercial Aviation MADNESS
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, several topics related to the aviation industry taking place in April/May 2023 are discussed. Here's a summary of each:

1. AA Pilot Strike Vote: American Airlines pilots are considering a strike vote due to ongoing negotiations with the airline. The pilots are seeking better pay and benefits, as well as improved working conditions.

2. Southwest Passenger Screaming: A video went viral on social media showing a Southwest Airlines passenger screaming about a crying baby on a flight. The incident sparked a debate on social media about whether or not parents should bring babies on flights.

3. TUI Passenger Playing Loud Music: A TUI Airways passenger was recently caught playing loud music on a flight, despite being repeatedly asked by the flight crew to turn it down. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and comfort of other passengers on board.

4. Passport Agency Delays: Many travelers are experiencing delays in receiving their passports due to a backlog at the passport agency. Some travelers have had to cancel their trips due to the delays, while others are still waiting for their passports to arrive.

Overall, these topics highlight some of the challenges and issues facing the aviation industry today, from labor disputes to passenger behavior and travel logistics.

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